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Call Forwarding

Run your Business from anywhere with a
Free Call Forwarding Phone Feature

No equipment needed

Multi-line flexibility

Easy Management

Call Forwarding is a great tool that gives you an ability to run your business from anywhere using your smartphone, multiple phones or locations. Get a Freedom to be where you need and stay connected to your customers and prospects!
You can connect all your Callers and all your phone extensions with this FREE unifying Phone Feature that allows you to route your incoming calls to any phones and devices in your network. 


Depending on your business needs, you can schedule Call Forwarding from your account in minutes, choose dates and times of Call Forwarding for all devices in your phone network to make it the most efficient. You have multiple options of transferring your incoming business calls: schedule calls forwarding to your cell phone while you are temporary out of office, or route calls to multiple phones, so they can ring simultaneously or in sequence that you prefer.

Simply Log In into your Online Cloud Management Account and set up your unique Call Forwarding logic with dates, times, and connected devices. It’s easy to change Call Forwarding settings at any time if your plans change. It takes a minute and preserves your professional presence as you go.
You get the control of your Incoming Calls directory to run your business the way You want it!


Set up times and dates when ALL incoming business calls are forwarded to a single phone you use like your personal cell phone or another office’s landline. This option is very useful for busy traveling agents and distant employees, like Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, or any Sales Professionals who work a lot on the field and want to stay connected to their clients and prospects.


If you have a team of professionals who are taking incoming calls, it is easy and fast to connect your team all together in a one phone network, so they can receive Incoming Calls in a way that is beneficial for your business: you can set up an order in which your phone extensions will ring and even choose the length of the ringing for each extension.


Choose  an option for all your connected devices to ring simultaneously, or set up a personalized voice message while holding the call and a personalized VoiceMail.
For example, if one of your departments is not available, the call will be forwarded to the office manager first, then to your cell phone or a personalized Voice Mail that will be emailed to you immediately. In this way, you not only choose the directory of your incoming calls but also choose the way you receive information from your callers.
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