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With over 100 essential build-in Features,
high call quality, and customized affordable plans,
VoIP phone service is simply the best solution for a modern business.

PBX Office Business Phone System

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Innovative communication tool that give you a competitive advantage.
• Multiline Flexibility
• Office to Cell phone call redirection
• Never miss a call with our Follow Me feature
• Work on the go using VoIP features

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and ever-ready to serve you.

A Small Business, an Enterprise, or even a single Entrepreneur...
VoIP can benefit you and help to bring your business to a next level. It's reliable and inexpensive phone service to stay connected to the world of opportunities!


Pursue your passion.

Build a smart VoIP phone network to grow your business.

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Next Generation VoIP Phone Service

Affordable phone service that anyone can customize to fit their needs.

Next Generation VoIP Phone Service

Easy Set-Up and Manage

Build your own Phone Infrastructure in minutes with our User-friendly Interface. With powerful Admin Panel you can customize your features, add unlimited extensions, choose phone numbers and effectively control your phone network. VoIP phone service is simply the best solution for the modern business.

Big Saving

Save Up to 75% on your monthly Phone Bill!
With Beneffy Telecom you got 100+ FREE phone features with unlimited extensions, FREE in-network communication, and FREE incoming calls. 
No Annual Contract. Pay as-you-go. Get More & Pay Less. Switch to VoIP & start saving today

24/7 Support

Our US-Based Customers Service can help to customize your plan towards your business goals and suit your budget. Beneffy 24/7 Tech Team provides you a Support to get the most benefits from VoIP Service, from enabling your phone features to pre-configuring your VoIP phones. 

Our Most Popular Phone Features


Local Phone Numbers

Huge amount of Local Numbers are available for you (area code of your choice)

HD Conference Service

Connect your employees world-wide with HD Voice in a secured HD Conference Service

Powerful Admin

With our powerfull admin panel, setup never been so easy and simple. Setup your Office PBX just in a minute.

User Extensions

Longe and Parole and dragged her into their agency, where they abused her for their projects again and again. And if she hasn’t been rewritten, then they will.

Virtual Receptionist with IVR menu

Welcome your callers with a professional Virtual Receptionist.
Upload or Record your own voice message

Operator Console

Busy front desk personnel now have a friend with the Operator Console. These apps enables call managers and admins to manage inbound call traffic easily and efficiently.


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Learn How VoIP Can Benefit Your Business

Thousand people choose VoIP for their business PBX everyday.


With Beneffy Cloud Communication platform you improve your efficiency. Cloud Voip Service gives you a hight quality Voice and more technical flexibility. Essential VoIP Features turn your regular phone service into a communication tool to give you a competitive advantage to grow your revenue and gain customers loyalty. Get the best of the VoIP innovative technology.


With Virtual Office you move your communications to the next level. Features like Call Redirection, Follow Me, and HD Conference Service allow you to be On-Call wherever you go and never miss calls! VoIP Phone Service offers a multi-line flexibility and email notifications with advanced features. Stay connected using multiple devices, including your desk phone, laptop, and a cell phone.


Multiple extensions allow you to build a phone network connecting your business team together, no matter of their location. With professional Virtual Receptionist your calls are directed to a specific extension to best serve the needs of a caller and provide a great experience! Customers satisfaction is what makes your business a success!

Cost Effective

Voip Phone Service helps to cut your phone expenses up to 75% and have a reliable voip phone service for a fraction of a land line cost. So, you save a lot of money with Free in-coming & in-network calls and pay ONLY for what you actually use. There is NO hidden fees and charges. We appreciate your business and want to help to grow your own!

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Beneffy Telecom is a leading provider of VoIP Business and Residential Phone Services. We offer the most customized plans and provide with the lowest market rates, with No Value commitment. Get the most benefits for your business with 100+ Free Calling Features. Your success is our goal.


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