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Toll Free

A Tollfree (800, 855, 866, 877,888) number is a special telephone number which is free for the calling party, instead the call charges are paid by the owner of the Tollfree number. With Tollfree DID’s from Beneffy Corp. your customers can originate calls from US and Canada. The per-minute fee varies upon the Originating country (US or Canada) from which the call originated.

Toll Free DID Numbers (Pay as you go)

  • $5 per DID + $5 one time activation fee.
  • $0.018 per minute usage charge for Calls originating in US and $0.050 per minute for calls originating from Canada.
  • Payphone surcharge $0.75 per call. Payphone calls can be blocked upon request on each Tollfree number. Each Tollfree number supports 20 Channels and can be increased on request.

Technical Specifications

Protocol: SIP

Codecs: G711 ulaw, G729

DTMF mode: RFC2833


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