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Business VoIP: Beneffy Business Solutions
  • Anywhere

    Connect phones from anywhere, each location can have their own extensions, numbers, groups, and flows

  • Greetings

    Sound professional and record custom greetings for callers, as many as you want

  • Prompts

    Guide your callers through your Flows with custom prompts

  • Groups

    Organize your locations, departments, or teams into call groups that can be dialed simultaneously or sequentially while ringing or playing music on Hold

  • Queues

    Setup advanced call distribution to your agents with strategies like ring all, round robin, circular, least recent, fewest calls, and random

  • Agents

    Any extension can also be a call center agent, just login to start receiving calls from queues, logout to stop

  • Find Me

    Never miss a phone call, Find Me will track you down, it's intelligent call forwarding

  • DNID

    See which of your numbers a caller dialed, even works with your mobile phone

  • Voicemail

    Your voicemail can be instantly delivered right to your inbox as a WAV or MP3 attachment

  • Transcribe

    Read your voicemail just like an email with our 95% accurate human-assisted transcription

  • Archive

    Automatic call recording that securely stores them for as long as you want

  • Reporting

    Mind your business with standard or custom reports

  • Schedules

    Create custom schedules that determine how calls are routed based on time of day or days of the week

  • Intercom

    Create multiple intercom groups, even works from different locations

  • Paging

    Two way hands-free communication with extensions, regardless of geographic location

  • Conference

    Create N-Way calls by adding parties at any time

  • Bridge

    Host conference calls with mute and kick capability, you can even record them

  • Monitoring

    Keep tabs on your employees with Monitor, Barge, and Whisper

  • Local

    Instantly add phone numbers and take calls from anywhere regardless of your geographic location

  • Toll Free

    Instantly add toll free numbers from 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 exchanges

  • Vanity

    We can order custom toll free numbers for 800-YOUR-BIZ

  • Music on hold

    Customize your callers hold experience with your own music or advertising on hold

  • Operator Anywhere

    Use any modern web browser to drag and drop calls to extensions, flows, queues, or groups (with touch support for tablets)

  • Portal

    Control every aspect of your virtual phone system using any modern web browser from anywhere

  • Administrators

    Delegate full control over your virtual or physical phone system to one or more administrators

  • Users

    Your staff can login to the portal and access their voicemail, faxes, and call history

  • Blocking

    Stop unwanted callers by blocking by number or enabling anonymous call blocking

  • Notifications

    Get automatic notifications for billing, support, voicemail, faxes, recordings, texting, limits, and more

  • Night Mode

    Change your call routing manually or on a schedule

  • Codecs

    Adapt to any internet connection and condition with full support for G.711, G.722 and G.729 (no license required)

  • Video

    Enjoy video calling with full H.264 video support, even N-Way video conferencing

  • Softphones

    Use VoIP phone apps on your tablet or smartphone or on your pc or mac with a cool usb headset

  • SIP

    Connect any supported sip device to your phone system

  • Auto Attendant

    Setup automated attendants to give callers choices and then route the calls based on your rules

  • Contacts

    Have calls transferred to any external number from within your Flows (such as an answering service)

  • Porting

    Keep your existing numbers, no need to give them up

  • Transfer

    Blind and attended transfers, even from your mobile phone

  • DID

    Assign numbers directly to extensions, also known as direct inward dialing

  • Forwarding

    Send calls to another number when you need to do it

  • Anonymous

    Place calls anonymously with no outbound caller id

  • E911

    Feel safe with real 911 emergency dialing

  • Caller ID

    Enhanced caller id with name, number, and address right to your extensions

  • Faxing

    Every number can receive a fax and send it right to your inbox as a PDF attachment

  • Record

    One touch call recording, calls are delivered right to your inbox as a WAV or MP3 attachment

  • HD Voice

    Enjoy the incredible clarity of G.722 High Definition Voice on supported devices

  • Directory

    Configure your automated directory so callers can find extensions with just their first or last name

  • Provisioning

    Automatic configuration of popular devices, no expertise required

  • Call Waiting

    Answer incoming calls while your on the phone with a low volume beep that won't interrupt your conversation

  • Parking

    Easily park calls so other extensions can retrieve them

  • Call in hold

    Place calls on hold while they listen to your custom music or advertising

  • Do Not Disturb

    Temporarily send calls directly to voicemail

  • Helpdesk

    Enjoy fast and responsive answers to questions through our helpdesk, average response time is less than 20 minutes

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